‘A Lie is a Lie, Until it Becomes Reality’

Have you ever created a lie and told it to so many people in so many times and on so many occasions that you started to believe it also. Truth is spoken in words before believing, lie is equally uttered in same form, but the difference is in the period of mental processing required for the approval of the mind. Irrespective of the number of times a lie is uttered, it still remains a lie until it matures into evident truth. This I believe – ‘a lie is a lie, until it becomes reality. “Whatever comes in words is powerful than even the two edged swords.” Repeated episodes of events ingrain a mental picture of such into a reality sooner or later. This is faster believed when it has earlier existed before within the same atmosphere, locality and season. It is a function of reminiscence into the past, analyzing the image of the scenario and subsequently ignoring the path to doubt.

This most unlikely will lock up the believing faculty of the mind to unquestionably assimilate it like every other truth. Come to think of it, a man who lives to tell the truth, live to be hated continually by enemy on his way with no tint of resolving. Show me a man who has never lied before and I will show you a man who is perceived to live a hostile existence in the world, a man who lives strictly not to bend the rule even if it costs a life. This is paradoxically to the detriment of his integrity for failure to contribute sweetness into beings.

More so, men live to believe witnessed speech faster than what they hear alone. Imaging a lie supported by unfounded crowd of witnesses far away (still in the lie context), a sense of been odd will drag the listener(s) into the fold of the virtual seas of witness.

This reminds me of a friend, who fabricates a big lie from our early childhood. Many lies he told spread faster with his popularity. Popularity here is the basis for the repetition. He cooks up so many lies to meet the expected demand of a higher social class. He is talked about everywhere in school, especially among the ladies who cunningly rush to gain his attention. Of course, he is such an awesome baby boy, who was born and bread in the good city of the other world to come.

In my discoveries, I had long ago resolved that repeated pressure metamorphose a pulseless attempt to give in and satisfy intrinsic desire to shed wait of pressure. Lie is one of such pressure – it is so easy to utter because it does not cost a dime, it only entails perfect matching of the imaginary expectation of your listener with the picture of what it should be even when it is yet to be. This very friend of mine goes here and there to here the same words of his own, far away from the third party to a distant accomplice.

Such accomplice will ask “I really commend your new father’s acquisition of on of the hottest companies in town, I heard he got it in your names …” reply, “I really do not border much because I see him aiming higher for me even beyond Microsoft Company…” Here is just one of the numerous lies told my friends. He wakes everyday in school to hear this. He is repeatedly triggered to lobby for such an achievement from his parent until it turns a reality. His father became worried one day; attempt to relieve the young man’s anxiety and work out the expectation of one of the big shot companies. The repeated lobby turns the acquisition a reality.

Let us extrapolation the last story into the field of psychology, a land where perfect prediction of future from the past is not a crime. The aspect of the mind responsible for telling lie, is not only unique to the author, it is rather developed over time when put into function. The time interval may vary but the lie is destined to become a reality one day, if and only if it is constantly reminded.


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