Do I Believe In The Supernatural

As yet I do not truly believe in the supernatural, but I would like to. I do not have a religious background and have yet to experience anything personally that would convince me of its existence. On the other hand, I would like to believe that there is life after death, that certain people have the ability to bridge the gap between this world and the so-called other world, and that aliens do exist. It is these aspects of the supernatural that interest me the most, and the ones that I would like to believe in.

I certainly hope that life after death does exist. It makes for a more carefree attitude about life itself. Knowing that your thoughts and feelings will continue even after death is certainly more reassuring than thinking it’s all over at death. It gives one reason to hope, not necessarily that there is a better place, but that you will essentially be immortal for all time.

Being immortal for all time is OK, but not if there isn’t any way to put your newfound immortality to good use. The knowledge and wisdom gained over a lifetime is completely wasted unless you can get that information back to the mortal world, which is why I would like to believe that certain people could bridge the gap and convey some of that knowledge and wisdom back to us. There have been many people over the centuries claiming the ability to communicate with the dead, but only one, John Edwards, has caught my attention. John has written several books on the subject and hosts a weekly television show “Crossing Over, with John Edwards” on The Sci Fi Channel. I have watched his program on several occasions and he shows an ability that I can’t explain. It is his compelling sincerity that makes me want to believe that he actually can communicate with people from the other side. This is the closest I have come in my life to believing in the supernatural.

As for the existence of aliens the jury is still out on that one. It makes for great tabloid fodder and interesting movies, but the lack of pure evidence even with all of the so-called sightings really makes me wonder. There have been references that aliens were involved in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and the Aztec temples because of their complexity and enormous size. There have also been references to Area 51 in the western United States as a site which houses alien spacecraft, artifacts, and preserved alien bodies. I ask why can no one confirm these things? In all of the centuries I find it hard to believe that not one alien has ever been caught. Are they that smart? On the other hand taking a quote from the movie “Contact” which states, “If it is just us, it seems like an awful waste of space”, really makes me want to believe that there are other species out there and that someday maybe they will make contact with us.

All in all I really want to believe that all of these things are true, but I am one that needs more evidence then the word of other people. I need to see it for myself. I just hope that I see it before my own demise so that I will go peacefully, knowing that my thoughts and feelings will continue on for all eternity.