This i believe

This, I believe that everyone was conceived for a certain purpose in life. Now the question is whether you are more willing to fulfill that purpose or not? Its better to appraise what one has and is in life than contemplating now and then how life should have been, and will be. In other words, living as if today was the last day, as if nothing matters in your life, will possibly help one endure things like stress, anxiety, oppression, mental disorder and Illness and many other sicknesses related to psychological and physical disorders.

There Is a say from the book “Dally Splash of Joy,” by Johnson Debra, “He who lives In hope will dance In fiddle. ” However, this shows that living without having to meet everybody’s expectation will encourage one to create his own meaning to the life that he might be living. Moreover, smiles, happiness, blessings, and many other Joy’s things In life come along when one appreciate nature and things that It offers.

On the other hand, those who live to fulfill other people’s expectations or the society in general, are more likely to end committing suicide when their fears of not gaining respect, or being rejected or even of not being approved for what they have worked very hard for becomes more than they can bear. Not only that, withdrawal from families and friends, denial, may also be a result of not performing to other’s expectations because of the fear of negative social evaluations, making mistakes such as bad decisions which will affects them for the rest of their live as well as working very hard for nothing.

In short, I believe that living as if life has no meaning, creating one’s own atmosphere of succeeding in his/ her own world, and finding ways that will help one come up with a meaning to the life that he is living, will eventually enhances that particular individual’s living conditions, bring more hopes, happiness, fun, adventures and excitements.