This I believe

No one really knows how life was created and how It evolved. Scientist believe that life Is the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. Beyond our earth there are unknown billions of miles of space that includes galaxies, solar systems and planets. Earth is 4. 5 billion years old however the universe is 14 billion years old.

The earliest forms of humans were documented to be on earth 200,000 years ago. This time frame Is microscopic compared to the time span of our universe. I believe that there Is extraterrestrial life beyond our planet and that aliens have been to earth in the past. Many famous scientists, such as Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Mukluk Hathaway, believe in extraterrestrial life. Experts base their belief on statistics of huge numbers that extraterrestrial life has the high probability of existing. There are billions of galaxies that have millions of solar systems and trillions of planets.

Many of these planets must have some type of life form due to the infinite probabilities. Recently, NASA discovered that Mars has Ice on the surface which indicates water was present when the planet was warmer. The most important element to sustain life is water. If Mars had water, could it have had intelligent life forms in its history? On a regular basis, I watch Ancient Aliens, a television show on the History Channel. The show has credible, famous scientists and Ancient Alien theorists that offer evidence and hypothesis on important structural ruins created on the Earth in the past.

This television show has made me believe In alien life. One example Is the Great Pyramids, but we’ve all heard of the connection owe aliens may have helped lift the heavy pyramid stones. However, more compelling proof surrounds two other places, Puma Punk and NCAA lines. The facts are staggering. There has been extensive research on these two sites. There is no question these ancient ruins could not have been constructed by mankind’s technology thousands of years ago. One place that make me believe in aliens is Puma Punk.

Puma Punk Is a prehistoric location that has many large and dense stones scattered around the landscape. The delightfulness factor Is that each stone has been cut geometrically. There is one group of stones that is called the H. All the stones have been cut to form the capital letter H. They are all perfectly cut and have precise 90 degree angles. Ancient Alien theorists believe they were cut using some type of “cookie cutting” laser. It is clear alien technology was applied because the site is documented to be 14,000 years old by radioactive decay analysis.

At that time the only technology humans had was wood, stone hammers and chisels. There Is no way hand tools could produce flawless 90 degree cuts. The sharp angles could cut your flesh with minimal pressure and effort. Another site that makes me believe in alien life is the NCAA lines. The NCAA lines are located in the NCAA desert in southern Peru. The cuts in the ground were discovered in 1927 by Trio Expose while flying a plane over the NCAA desert. The outlines were excavated in the land and each area of the desert has Its unique figure.

They are shapes of animals, birds they can only be seen from 8,000 feet in the air. Why were these designs made? Theorists concluded humans or other aliens were trying to contact Buffo’s that were traveling in our atmosphere. This answer is logical. Another structure must be presented because the evidence that the history channel presented made me believe that aliens are real. It is called SchumanГn. This site is also located in Peru. It is a massive stone fortress that symbolizes a capability of stonework that even modern technology would have difficulty duplicating.

Giant monoliths are stacked in positions that boggle the mind. These rocks weight up to 360 tons, were transported about 22 miles and assembled into a wall. It would take 7 large construction cranes to lift one 360 ton rock. The huge boulders fit together like a puzzle and were meted in place. Melting these rocks requires 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Where did these ancient people receive this technology? There is no other explanation; it was aliens. This paper establishes the ancient site of Puma Punk, NCAA lines and SchumanГn were no coincidence.

The rocks at Puma Punk are too seamless to be made by man who Just had wood tools, stone hammers and rock chisels. The NAACP lines were intended to be seen from high altitudes. The SchumanГn structure had 360 ton rocks that were stacked and melted together. All of these sites were built for a reason long ago and have only recently been observed. The universe is vast and the likelihood of intelligent life existing somewhere in the nebulous is overwhelming. We are not alone and this is what I believe!