This I Believe

I believe in people. I believe that all people, not Just the smart, good looking, or popular, are capable of achieving great things. I believe in giving people a chance. I believe in trying to be friends with the people that need friends the most. I believe that too many people are written off as being no good without being given a chance to really prove themselves.

I believe that one can learn some of the most valuable seasons from those that have believed their entire lives that they have nothing to teach. I believe in not being too quick to Judge another human being, whether this person is the butt of the Joke, or the one making the Joke. Whether this is the person alone in the ditch or the person who walks by without even a second thought. I believe that everyone has a story and no one has the right to Judge another without really knowing them.

I believe that the root of most hatred is ignorance. I believe in raying to fully understand those with which I do not agree, because I believe that when you are able to truly know someone, it is nearly impossible to still hate them. I believe in focusing on the best qualities of other people. I believe that this Is easier than constantly searching for their flaws, along with the enjoyable side effect of making one’s perception of the world much more pleasing.

These are all things that I believe, but I must admit that believing these things In theory and actually living my fife by them are two totally different animals. I wish that I could say that I have lived my life by these beliefs, but I can’t. Every day I find myself unable to live up to these principles. I wish that I could say that I will live the rest of my life by these beliefs, but I can’t. I know I will stumble, I know I will fall, but I will continue to struggle to live my life by these beliefs, because this Is the struggle that I believe In.