Water Polo- This I Believe

This I Believe Though I live on land, I only feel at home in the water. Some people think that swimming is Just a sport, but for some people, it is a way of life for those people who are willing to work hard enough on it. Not only has swimming given me something to do, It has given me loads of friends. I believe in hard work. My ability to swim also got me a Job as a lifeguard, which Is the best Job that I could hope for.

All that I have to do Is sit In a chair and watch kids swim for a short mount of time, then I go on break, which Is basically going off the diving board. When I was young, my mom brought me to the pool nearly every day due to the fact that she had once been a lifeguard and state diver. These are the best memories that I have of my childhood. My mom had me on swim teams since I was four and this highly contributed to my ablest In the water that help me so much In the new sport that I have picked up called water polo. Eater polo has quickly become a way of life for me. I love swimming but It gets extremely boring just swimming back and forth while water polo is an exiting game which requires an extraordinary amount of skill and endurance. Instead of dreading the work that is about to come that is experienced in swimming, I look forward to each practice. Swimming and water polo have changed my life is some many positive aspects that I can’t even believe it. If it weren’t for swimming, my life would probably be a living hell. I believe in hard work, dedication and swimming.